Prime Biomedical Healthcare Technologies

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Who We Are

Prime Biomedical Uganda Ltd in located in Mbarara-Western Uganda. We offer medical technology services throughout the Western region of Uganda as well as other regions of the Country. We are committed to offering high quality services to the satisfaction of our customers. Our team of highly qualified biomedical and Computer engineers are at your service whenever there is need. We set the standards in test and calibration. We will repair medical equipment, providing it is economically viable, and can test all medical equipment for electrical safety. We produce detailed reports for each piece of medical equipment that we repair or asses and give quality advice to our customers. Our convenient, efficient medical equipment testing and calibration service is value for money. We offer an on-site service at customer’s convenience. Do not hesitate to contact us.

The PrimeBiomedical Team

Our Mission

To be a market leader in healthcare technology innovation, implementation and Management.


Improvement of healthcare provision through development, distribution and management of healthcare technologies.


We build pretty complex tools and this allows us to take designs and turn them into functional quickly and easily.

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