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Installation and Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing is done after installation of a new device into the hospital to validate the operation of the device. This is a quality control and safety measure to ensure that the device works safely according to specifications.

User and Technical Training

Capacity building in hospitals is one of our specialty. We put quality into your practice by offering several training packages for both medical equipment users and technicians/engineers. We also provide a range of technical materials to assist technicians in their work.

Supply of medical equipment and consumables

Our company collaborates with the manufacturers of medical equipment and supply direct to our customers in the healthcare facilities in Uganda.

Corrective maintenance/Repair

In the event of the medical equipment failure, our technicians and engineers are on standby to respond to any calls for repair of broken equipment.

Health records and management systems

We offer software solutions for management of patient information, billing and payment systems. Our package also includes medical equipment management software.

Waste Management

We offer solutions for medical waste management which include collection and safe disposal.


We offer: Comparative technical assessment of new technologies (Health Technology Assessment), including references to designing new healthcare facilities.
Support for accreditation of healthcare facilities and certification of services or departments.
Preparation of bid/procurement documents and negotiation of service contracts.
Analysis of risk factors connected with the use of biomedical equipment.

Medical gasses and Engineering Design

Prime Biomedical (U) Ltd offers a full in-house planning and design service for medical gases in order to meet your specific needs. Our attention to detail in the early stages of your project, enable the team to ensure that our proposal will meet your exact requirements for system specification, budget and timeframe.
We can design and implement gas manifold systems based on your hospital requirements.

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